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Governor's Island


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One of my new favorite quick and very cheap day trip destinations in NYC is Governor's Island. It is a quick 5 minute FREE ferry ride away from the tip of Manhattan Island and you feel like you've left the city once you are there.

Activities there include car-free biking (check out Free-Bike Fridays), having a picnic, a scenic stroll, exploring historical buildings (including a prison), free guided tour of the island, and free concerts. I have personally done the stroll, guided tour and picnic there. I enjoy it every time I go, and it is not over crowded even during the weekends.

To get there, you take a free ferry ride steps away from the Staten Island Ferry. The ferry leaves every half hour. The Island re-opens for the 2009 season on
Saturday, May 30, 2009.

Governor's Island Website
WikiPedia Entry

Enjoy your visit to Governor's Island! Have been to and enjoyed your visit to Governor's Island?What is your favorite thing about visiting Governor's Island? Do you know of any other similar places to visit? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Just a quick update since this post was included on Wisebread's places to visit for under $5. I wanted to include a link back to wisebread's post which includes many places to visit frugally.

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