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Effective Todo list

I've been struggling with getting through my todo list for many years now. Every time I start a new todo list, I end up with a huge list. At this point, I look at the list try to get the easiest items "Done" and then put the list aside, to never look at it again.

In the past few weeks I started really looking at my todo list and removed anything that remained for two or more days. Those entries remained there because they were not clearly defined.

One article I read today on ZenHabits really brought this to light, the article was about a todo list website/tool called Now Do This. This looks like a great FREE and effective tool to use. I did try it out and it definitely did the job well. However, I still need a portable list, which is why I use my blackberry Tasks list. I fill it with about 5 to 8 tasks a day and get it done!

My todo list has become a lot more manageable now because they are shorter and more defined. Once I knock out my list, I give myself a pat on the back. Its nice to see an empty list, and know you did accomplish your goals for the day. If there are remaining items, I reschedule them in my calendar.
Then I add more items for the next day to tackle.

My short list of tips for an effective todo list
  • Keep your list short (5 or less)
  • Each item should preferably be do-able in a few minutes (5 or less)
  • Each item should be fully defined tasks, such as feed the meter 2 quarters
  • Reviewing the remaining list on a regular basis

That's it. No need for fancy software or notebooks. As long as you have a pen and paper or your basic electronic planner, you can have an effective todo list.

Do you have any additional suggestions to make your to do list effective?


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