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10 Free Blackberry Games

If you've owned a blackberry for some time now, you've probably gotten very good at BrickBreaker. It's purpose is like windows freecell for your blackberry, it resides on every blackberry unit and it helps you learn to use your scroll wheel or the trackball very well.

If you've wanted other games but don't want to shell out a few bucks for them, look no further than this post ;). You could go to Magmic and pay for some games, but why would you want to when you can get some of them free? From your blackberry, open your blackberry browser. If you have shortcuts enabled, just hit the B key from the home screen to bring up the browser. Click the wheel (or blackberry menu button on one of the trackball devices), choose bookmarks. Then choose the Blackberry Help bookmark, on my unit the link goes to www.blackberry.com/mobile/help/vzw/, this link will not work on desktop browsers. Once the page loads, scroll to the Fun and Games link and choose that. Accept the terms and you will be presented with some free goodies.

Short version of above description. From Home Screen: B -> Click wheel -> Bookmarks -> Blackberry Help -> Fun and Games

From this page you can find numerous things, such as themes, wallpapers, games, and many other applications. My focus here are the free games, but feel free to grab whatever else you want to download. The free games and classic games links should keep you pretty busy. You can try the trial games as well, but I will not mention those here.

Depending on your wireless carrier and device, you may get a different set of free games. I'm currently on the 8703e unit on Verizon wireless, so I will only mention what I can see from my blackberry browser application.

Klondike - Classic card game
Spider Solitaire - Another classic card game
Bass Assasin - An amusing fishing game
Sudoku - Do I really need to explain this one?
Ka-Glom - A tetris like game (pictured above)
Rooster - Why did the chicken cross the road? You can be the chicken and find out.
Midieval Kings Chess - Pretty good chess game
Texas Holdem King 2 - Poker anyone?
Circle Popper - Like Puzzle Bobble, pop bubbles of the same color by matching 3 or more!
Raging Rivers - A kayaking game I never really got into.

What device do you use? What games do you see from the above link? Do you have other sites with free software to share with us? If you've enjoyed this post or find it helpful, let me know in the comments. Happy mobile gaming!


Anonymous said...

I've been looking for some more games to play on my blackberry. Cool. Thanks!

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm glad you found it helpful. What is your favorite now?

Troy said...


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FrugalNYC said...

Thanks Troy.

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