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FrugalNYC Broadway Ticket Giveaway!


Welcome back to another FrugalNYC Giveaway! If you're a fan of Broadway shows and musicals, this will be one of the best giveaways you'll find yet!

NYC is full of free events in the summer. Coming on September 13, 2009, you can catch Broadway on Broadway starting at 11:30 AM.  These are free performances by stars of many broadway shows and musicals held in the streets of Times Square, NYC.  There is nothing more entertaining or frugal than catching a great show free of charge.  That is until you actually get money to attend one!


Thanks to Season of Savings, a discount Broadway Theatre goer's resource to save on Broadway, we are giving away a pair of tickets to Phantom Of The Opera (for September 29th, 2009) AND a $100 gift certificate to Tony's DiNapoli to a lucky FrugalNYC reader!  You get a free show and dine on the house!  I sent a tweet via FrugalNYC last week to find out if FrugalNYC follower's would rather see Phantom Of The Opera or another show and this was the pick.  You pick it, we give it away! :)

Season of Savings feature deals for shows, hotels and attractions, including:
The 39 Steps, Burn the Floor, Bye Bye Birdie, Chicago, Fela!, Finian’s Rainbow, HAIR, In the Heights, Mamma Mia!, Mary Poppins, Next to Normal, Phantom of the Opera, Rock of Ages, Shrek the Musical, South Pacific, Superior Donuts, and Wishful Drinking.

You will find some great deals, saving from 40-60% off ticket prices.  So even if you don't win, you can still get discount tickets!

I'll repeat the prize again, the winner will receive:

  • A pair of Phantom Of The Opera tickets


  • a $100 gift certificate to Tony's DiNapoli

Tell your friends, fellow New Yorkers and Countrymen to enter this giveaway!  And don't forget to save he date September 29th, 2009 for the show!


You must enter by midnight on Friday September 18th, 2009.  The lucky winner will be announced no later than Monday September 21, 2009 on this post and via Twitter.  There are just two simple steps to win:
  1. Please leave a comment on this post telling us what you love about Broadway and how FrugalNYC has helped you since you started reading this blog.  If you are new to FrugalNYC, just mention you are new to FrugalNYC and what you would like to see more of here.
  2. Important: Send an email to FrugalNYC at gmail dot com so we have your contact information, Name and Email, so prizes can be sent to you.  We do this for your own privacy, we don't want your contact information out in the open in the comments section. Your information is only used for this giveaway.  Once the winner is announced, we will contact you using this information so the prizes can be sent to you.

We would definitely appreciate your help in spreading the news about FrugalNYC and this Giveaway.  Here is a link to help Tweet about FrugalNYC Broadway Ticket giveaway.

For additional links to frugal tips and tricks follow me on Twitter. If you would like to contribute to FrugalNYC in any way feel free to contact me via email. Click here to add FrugalNYC to your RSS reader or Subscribe to FrugalNYC by Email.


Tara said...

I follow Frugal NYC on Twitter and read the blog occasionally for ideas on free things to do in NYC. I especially appreciated the free things to do in Queens being a fairly new Queensophile :)

Stephbot said...

I love Broadway shows and have seen Phantom 3 times! I was planning to see it again so hopefully I can win and see it free! Thanks FrugalNYC! Your blog is awesome with great tips and things to do around town. I also love the pictures you post.

hhour said...

Anyone can go see a Broadway show by paying full price, but it is FrugalNYC that shows how to go see a show on the cheap! I love how the entries have actual narrative / personal content as well, and not just a listing of deals.

Garrett said...

My love for Broadway can be best summed up by the joy I feel after watching "Save Broadway" on SNL: http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/clips/save-broadway/926201/.

Really though, Broadway is the backbone of New York's entertainment and nightlife. It's live entertainment at it's best. Such talent, the beautiful set designs, interaction with the audience -- you just don't get that full experience at the movies.
I remember my parents forcing me to dress up in my blazer and slacks when we went to see CATS (my first show). I hated wearing that blazer, but of course now I love the idea of dressing up to go to the theater -- it's a classy and special affair. In a city full of nightlife options, the theater remains among the best options.
Fortunately FrugalNYC is here to make going to the theater and other entertainment more economical. I also reach out to @frugalnyc every so often to find the latest steal & deal, which of course they know about and are happy to share. :-)

Bhavana Singh said...

A friend tipped me off to this blog and I've become a fan! I love it when blogs teach you how to do more with less.

Oh and also, I've never seen a Broadway show.

Evania said...

I am brand spankin' new to Frugal (thanks Kat for sending me the email!!) I would Love love love to see Phantom! My mother raves about it... :)

Turtle said...

This sounds awesome! I'm new to FrugalNYC, but I make next to nothing and love bargains. I was looking through your back blogs, and I would like to see more free events. It gets boring when you can't spend money!

arti supermario said...

I <3 frugality and I've been following FrugalNYC on twitter and the blog via RSS. I love the clever ideas that are posted and by following them I've expanded my experiences in the city - eating in places I've never thought I could afford, enjoying free events that I usually don't get wind of until after. I enjoy all musicals and B'way shows and have even begun adventuring into off-broadway. I'd love to have the chance to see Phantom - especially share the experience with my hubby who hasn't seen it yet!

Kristin Davie said...

Fairly new to FrugalNYC but love the posts and Twitter updates! As a recent (unemployed) college grad with a soft spot for NYC, it can be hard to find affordable things to do. As I travel into the city for interviews lately, I've made it a point to check out the site and note great deals to take advantage of while I'm there. A night on Broadway would be a great distraction from the frustrating job search!

Aneika said...

I LOVE Broadway!!! I did musical theatre in high school and love performing. There's nothing like being on stage and getting a standing ovation from the audience. Being an audience member and following a story and feeling part of "that world" is like no other experience. I recently started following FrugalNYC on Twitter and love the updates. I'm interested in hearing more about Free music events, clothes sales, specials at restaurants. THANKS for the TIPS! :)

Josh said...

I am new to FrugalNYC on twitter, but so far there have been some very interesting tweets! Keep posting the great deals and tips! Phantom is a great show and i have taken advantage of Season of Savings' discounts many times!

Emily said...

I'm new to FrugalNYC and just started following you guys on Twitter and love it! My husband and I are selling our house and making plans to move to NYC as soon as possible! We can't wait to be a part of the life of NYC.

I haven't yet been to a broadway show, but would love for this to be my first! I have seen Phantom off broadway and absolutely loved it!!!

Thanks for all the tips!

Nan said...

So many great tips! Thanks for all the info. I love checking out your twitter posts.

Laura said...

FrugalNYC is great! I just started following on Twitter, Phantom is the best I saw it in London and have been dying to see the NYC version.

Tricia C said...

New site visitor and Twitter follower! FrugalNYC is great because a trip to NYC usually costs me over $100 for trains, food, drinks, etc. I'd love to go into the city more often and find more free or discounted events.

Janet said...

Being a Canadian (and having no Canadian cities nearly as expensive to live in as NYC), our move to NYC has been an eye-opener. Your blog is a great resource for those of us who love life and make the most of this city without going broke!

Joe said...

I am new to FrugalNYC, but I've been a cheap man living here for three years, so I feel like I'm qualified to comment. Great ideas throughout, especially the Broadway tips. I'd love to see more on inexpensive music and more theater.

Anna said...

Follow you on twitter. You've got great tips. Thanks!

FrugalNYC said...

We rolled the dice at http://www.random.org/

There were 17 entries that entered on time.

And the Lucky winner is...


Wish we could give you all a pair of tickets. Thank you all for entering this giveaway. There will be future giveaways at FrugalNYC that we hope you will enter and win! In fact, there will be another very soon.

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