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12 Free Ebook Download And Search Sites


With the Advent of the Apple iPad, the ebooks market is getting more crowded.  The Amazon Kindle has remained the leader up until now.  Sony, Barnes & Noble among many others will be upgrading or joining this joyride.  Buying the device can cost you a bit of pocket change, luckily ebooks are cheaper than the paper alternatives.  An even better option is to find FREE ebooks.

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To help you find more FREE ebooks than you can read in a lifetime, I've put together a list of sites that either host the books themselves or helps you search for the books.  Project Gutenberg is probably the most widely known.  Most of you have also heard about Google digitizing books.  Below you will find links to these and more.

  1. pdfgeni.com
  2. scribd.com
  3. Project Gutenberg
  4. Manybooks
  5. Feedbooks
  6. Books In My Phone
  7. Queens Library
  8. NYPL
  9. Online Computer Books
  10. Free Tech Books
  11. Free Computer Books
  12. Google Books

What sites do you use to download or find Ebooks?

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