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I decided to do some site revamp and have determined that I will put ll the Opinions of FrugalNYC on a post. The sidebar will contain a minimal number of your kind comments!

Thank you for your readership and kind words!
  • Thanks to you! I really love your blog!! -ChristianNYC
  • _kari@FrugalNYC no prob! my wallet is a bit thicker thanks to you ;)
  • I do not live in New York, but I love your site and the information you dissiminate. Your site is clean, organized and your writing is compelling. There is so much for the reader here. I'm teaching a workshop next week on setting up a blog and am using your site as an example of a well-organized and written weblog.
    Thanks! -alekhouse
  • @FrugalNYC Gotcha...do you run the FrugalNYC site? Looks like a great resource. -NicoleMEckert
  • @FrugalNYC - love your blog, have you seen this - http://tinyurl.com/9pbtas - please enter! -Bloggersguide
  • It's amazing how life's experiences can transform and become incorporated with our business plan....Great blog. Thanks for sharing it with us! -Trudy
  • @FrugalNYC For sure, changing probs into opportunities is a learned skill. :) Glad to see you help teach it. -marialavis
  • @FrugalNYC love your site! http://frugalnyc.blogspot.com/ moved from NY in 02 . . . your posts are *great* for any city!
  • Excellent blogs. Many of your articles are very useful in the day-day grind of living in NYC. Especially today. Thanks. I'll check back often. -Anonymous
  • Very cool blog and post! Some great ideas here... -Chris - Zen to Fitness
  • Hello! Just wanted to say hello, and let you know that I find your blog very helpful! I love the combination of information about frugality, living in New York, and tech stuff! I consider myself pretty geeky, but you've taught me a whole bunch of new tricks! Thanks! -Anonymous
  • Thanks! Look forward to checking back often! -Renee
  • Great article - I'm going to bookmark it. I always enjoy your posts. -Kate
  • Excellent post! I work in education, and get to see kids whose family does not put these into practice (sometimes they do quite the opposite.) The site update looks very professional. -Anonymous

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