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This post will be regularly updated with twitters I find useful. I do not always follow these twitter accounts but I hope they will help those who are interested. I can't start without including my own Twitter account ;) To Search Twitter for any relevant key words, use Twitter Search in real time. Tweets with links by FrugalNYC.

Twitter Related services and software
  • Twitter Chat Schedule - Google Doc format
  • Exec Tweets - Tweets about all things IT
  • One Forty - A list of all the Twitter Apps
  • Act.ly - Tweet Change (twitter Activism)
  • Klout - Twitter Analytics - a fun way to analyze the social web.
  • Foller.me - Check out if the person tweeting is a Real person by looking at what they write about.
  • Twitter Groups
  • Twitter Homepage Status
  • Twitter Blog - Watch out for the current Phishing scheme! (Jan 2009), DOS attack 8/6/09
  • TweetDeck - A nice app to make Tweeting easier. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux (beta)
  • Twitterfeed - I use this to send out automated tweets about new blog posts.
  • Twhirl - like tweetdeck, but support other platforms as well.
  • Twitterberry - I use this software from my blackberry. Wrote about it here and here
  • Tweetgrid - Do multiple real-time searches of tweets. Works great! You can also use this to create groups.
  • TweetReplies - get your twitter @replies sent to your email
  • Twitter100 - See 100 of your followers at a glance! That's the link to mine
  • Your Twitter Influence - Mine is linked here. Fill in @yourlink to get yours
  • Blip.fm - Twitter for music playlists. Interesting concept, perhaps the Music Industry can make this a good tool to keep them in business.
  • TwitPicGrid - Interesting addition to Tweet Grid
  • iTweet - One of my current favorite twitter services, the other being tweetgrid :)
  • Twitterific - Twitter client for your iPhone
  • Tiny Twitter - A Twitter client for Java based Phones
  • Twoof - Tweeting and gaming! What more can you ask for?
  • NearbyTweets - Find People who use twitter nearby!
  • Tweetlater - Busy people - Schedule your tweets!
  • Contwext - Analyzes what you tweet about.
  • analyzerReports - Analyze what someone tweets and other stats
  • Twitter API wiki - useful Wiki for you programmers out there.
  • Twtpoll - Take polls via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc..
  • Twit Robot - Automatic tweets.  Set them up and get more frequent tweets
Let me know if you find these helpful. If you would like to recommend other useful twitter related links, please leave me a comment. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for visiting. Follow me on Twitter for additional links to Frugal tips and tricks. If you would like to contribute to Frugal NYC in any way, articles, ideas, posts, interesting links, advice, financial assistance, or anything else, feel free to contact me via email. Click here to add this to your RSS reader.


Chris said...

Hey, thanks for including a link to me! I posted a tweet last night asking if anyone had included a twitterroll on their blog (like a blogroll) - this is part way there!

FrugalNYC said...

Hey Chris!

Yeah, I think I've had you on this list for some time now :) You're one of the first bloggers to reach out to me, so of course you are on this list!

Glad you like the idea of this "twitterroll" :)

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