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Alternative Windows Shells

For those who do not know what a computer system Shell is, its basically the program that gives you the page you see on your screen at any given time. The default Windows Shell is Windows Explorer (not to be confused with Internet Explorer).

I recently discovered two alternative shells for Windows and thought I'd share this information with you. I came upon a post on lifehacker.com and it got me curious. I used to test all kinds of windows shells years ago, just to see what they look like and how they function. So what's the benefit you say? Sometimes a change of scenery can help you think and changing a shell is like changing a scene and your interaction with your desktop. These shells are very minimalistic and may not be what some of you want, but for those curious, its fun to test.

The first shell, which I'm familiar with from the Linux world is called Blackbox. I've used Blackbox before for Linux, but never realized there was a windows port. I just tried it out (no need to install) and I like it so far. Its very minimalistic and gets rid of all the icons on your desktop. It hides it all so you can work without XP desktop distractions.

The Second is called Emerge, I've yet to play with it, but from what I have read, it takes a little time to setup to your liking. So I'll give it a shot when I have a chance later this week.

Have you tried any alternative Windows shells? What was your experience like?


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