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Storing Food Away From Light

I used to think that lower-fat content milk will last longer. After reading the below from a Centrum news update, I know differently now.

"Light can affect a vitamin's potency, releasing free radicals which may affect overall health. It's a good idea to buy milk in cardboard cartons that block light. Researchers from Belgium found that when vitamins B (riboflavin), A, C, D, and E are exposed to light, a chemical reaction occurs that reduces their potency. Low-fat, or nonfat milk is even more photo-sensitive. Grain products, also high in riboflavin, should be kept in their original boxes or opaque containers, and stored away from light."

So keep your milk out of the light! No wonder the Parmalat milk lasts in cardboard containers. Did you know about this? Hope you found this helpful.


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