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Did You Vote? Make It Count!

Its election day in the US, I hope you have voted already. Make your vote count, its your future. If you are in New York, the polls are open from 6AM until 9 PM this evening. I went early this morning and there was a small line already. I heard there were long lines forming in some parts of Manhattan.

There is expected to be a record number turn out today. As I went to the polls this morning, I saw a crew member from the History Channel filming and elderly voter. There is no doubt that this a historic day, for the candidates, for our government, for the media influence and for the first time - the internet's role in the election process. Vote, and be part of history in the making!

Did you vote already? How was your experience at the polls? Did you get your "I Voted" sticker, unfortunately I didn't get one. Find free stuff if you do, on Lifehacker.


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