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Origami - The Art of Saving Paper!

Its amazing what you can do with just paper. Origami is the art of paper folding. Its basic concept is to take a square piece of paper and make something creative out of it. One of the most popular is the paper crane.

I started my interest with origami when I was very young. Though it was only an interest I occasionally spent time on. This time, I started again because I didn't want to see so much printed paper wasted (office paper, ads, any other 8 1/2 x 11 paper).

There are many styles of origami, and recently I've found a great way to put nearly all waste paper to use, using a technique called modular origami. There are many videos on youtube showing different creations using origami, both traditional and modular. If you are at all interested, I suggest you check it out.

For great resources you can check your local library for origami books. You can check my library blog post about some good library branches to visit. The Donnell library has origami exhibits yearly if not more often.

Recycle, reuse, don't throw good paper away!

Do you enjoy origami as well? How did you get started in Origami?
What other creative ways of using "used" paper do you suggest?


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