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If you like reading and don't have a large budget, a great way to save money is to go to your local library. Living in NYC, you have a great selection of libraries to visit. Aside from finding tons of reading materials (Magazines, books, newspapers) there, you can get information about your neighborhood and community. They often hold special events like reading groups, public concerts and movies for children. They also have great public services such as job information resources, adult literacy, computer classes and many other services, most of which are free.

I've included a small sample of those libraries I have been to, along with a short comment about what I think of these branches. From the
New York Public Library which covers Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island I have visited:
  • Mid-Manhattan - Museum atmosphere, great place to visit. This library was featured on the orignal Ghost Busters movie.
  • Donnell Library - Great for Children, had Pooh dolls on display.
  • Lincoln Center - Performing Arts, great resource for musicians.
  • 58th Street Branch - Small neighborhood feel, can find recent DVDs.
  • New Amsterdam - Small neighborhood library - I've been to this branch mostly to pick up reserve books. There is an area reserved for children in this branch.
From the Queens Public Library I have visited the following branches (Click for Branch addresses and Hours):
  • Flushing Library 41-17 Main Street - has a great collection of Asian books and other media (my favorite in Queens)
  • Corona 38-23 104 Street - Got my my first library card here, has great memories.
  • Elmhurst 86-01 Broadway - A medium sized library. It has a good Chinese language collection, since it is in an Asian populated area.
  • Jackson Heights 35-51 81 Street - Large library, has a great Children's section. I used to look for Origami books here when I was in Elementary school
  • East Elmhurst 9506 Astoria Blvd (718) 424-2619. This is a good neighborhood library. The one time I went there was an elementary school class trip that was talking about animals. The Library contains books, magazines and has a good amount of African American heritage themed areas.
  • Rego Park 91-41 63 Drive - small neighborhood library. Its been a while since I've gone to this branch, so I can't give you an updated opinion.
  • Sunnyside 43-06 Greenpoint Avenue - I visited a few times when I was in High School. Borrowed my first movie VHS cassette here.
  • Woodside 54-22 Skillman Avenue - small neighborhood library, have not spent much time here.
  • Broadway 40-20 Broadway (718) 721-2462 - Pretty large library, has a good collection of books and is near a lot of shopping and a movie theatre.
I have not had a chance to visit the Brooklyn Public Library branches. If you have, please let me know what your favorite branch is and why you like it.

Do you currently still use your public library? What are your favorite things about visiting a library?


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