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10 Free Things To Do In NYC

I love lists, it gives me a concrete reference that can be checked off. NYC has many freebies if you know where to look and depending on your tastes.

Below are 10 things of interest to me that I hope you find useful.

  1. Take Photographs Of The NYC Skyline. Use your digital camera or camera phone to grab some great shots of the skyline.
  2. Movies at Bryant Park. Enjoy some classic movies. You can find the movie schedule here. Don't miss Superman on August 18, 2008!
  3. Music in Central Park. There are many musicians who play in Central Park. Just take a stroll and I'm sure you'll bump into one.
  4. Ferry Rides. Staten Island ferry, governor's Island, and now the IKEA ferry to Brooklyn.
  5. Internet Access At The Library. Get your email and blog fix for free!
  6. Tour of NYC - use your unlimited ride metrocard and take a Bus route you don't normally take!
  7. Visit The Airport - use your Metrocard to take Subway/Bus to visit the airport! Both Laguardia and JFK can be reached via an MTA bus. Kids love this!
  8. Go window shopping! Leave your credit card and cash at home and just window shop! Walk down 5th Ave., visit IKEA via th ferry ride, there are thousands of interesting shops to check out in NYC.
  9. Walk! Not only is this a great way to excercise, it is a great way to bond with friends and family. Take a walk together and talk along the way, hours later you'll wonder where the time went and you might drop a pound.
  10. People Watch. NYC is full of interesting people. Go to a park or your favorite hangout and just watch!

Do you like the suggestions? Did you find this list helpful? Do you have anything to add?


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