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Better than Freeware! This PC application helps to make better use of your PCs energy efficiency settings. Most Windows XP and Vista pcs already have built-in energy saving features. However, it may not be the most intuitive application on your system. That's where Edison comes in, if your machine stays on throughout the day, you can set it to turn certain components off after certain idle times. This works like your computer screensaver, except it saves you energy, money and possibly helps the planet a little in the process.

I'm not affiliated with the author in anyway. I just saw this in my inbox while checking email and thought I'd share a nifty little application that fits in with the thrifty theme.
I have not personally tried it yet, since it requires some kind of registration process that's supposedly a pain (sorry) according to Wired Magazine.

For those who really want to save energy and the planet. Turn off your PCs when its not in use during the evening!

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