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New York Now in Bryant Park

I came across a free concert today after I got out of work. I just so happened to be around the Bryant Park area today after work, I sat down at Bryant Park for a break before heading home.
After several minutes, I noticed a stage was set up near the back of the Mid Manhattan library.
I noticed people heading over there so I went to see what was going on.

It just so happens that today was the first day for a new series of free concerts being held at Bryant Park. I encourage anyone who enjoys the Arts to visit and listen to one of these performances.

The performances include performances by New York Philharmonic, New York Cityh Opera, Orchestra of St. Luke's, the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, and The New York Pops
These performances Start today and will go on until October 8, 2008.

A to the calendar of events can be found on the Bryant Park web site here.

Hope you enjoy the free concerts. Let me know what you think of them if you have attended.


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