Quick Tips!

One minute guide on life and work

Below were some ideas that popped in my head after a read a lifehack article.

  • Make mistakes early on, they are the best teachers in life.
  • Learn from others' mistakes, they are great steppingstones.
  • Read the manual, many of the answers to your questions can be found there.
  • Ask for help, if you come across a new or unfamiliar subject, check the Help menu (for software) for your answer or ask someone more experienced for help.
  • Habits and repetition are the only ways to truly learn. Changing your habits can only be done by repetition.
  • Ask questions. Knowing what questions to ask is the hardest part to an obstacle. Once you do, you will find the answer. Think google, if you type in the right search phrase (or question), it will lead you toward your answer.
  • If you get stuck on thinking, do something. If you get stuck doing something, think about what you are doing in context to your goal.

Hope you find this helpful. Do you agree or disagree with any point? Do you have anything to add?


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