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Blackberry shortcut keys


Below are the most commonly used shortcut keys that I put to use almost every day on my blackberry device.

Blackberrry shortcuts from the home screen

You need to disable dial from home screen option from the phone application first. Most of these shortcuts are relevant from any blackberry unit. These shortcut keys are affected by your theme as well. I use the Dimension Zen or Dimension-Icon themes.
  • T - Tasks
  • D - Notebook
  • K - Lock keyboard
  • L - Calendar
  • U - Calculator
  • R - Alarm Clock
  • S - Search
  • M - Mail
  • N - Blackberry Messenger
  • O - Options
  • F - Profiles
  • B - Browser
  • ALT+ESC (hold ESC) - task switcher
  • Copy Text - alt + wheel click
  • Paste Text - Shift + wheel click

Other keys on the 8700 series

Hitting the hang up phone key (red phone logo on top right of keyboard) brings you to the
homescreen if you are in any other backberry applications.

There are two configurable keys on the 8700 series, other models may have other keys. You can change their behavior from the default, which in my opinion does nothing, to something useful. I have my keys set as the task switcher and for google maps.

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Hope you've learned a tip or two. If you know of other shortcut keys, please let us know in the comments.


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