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24 Blackberry Shortcuts - Browser Edition

I recently wrote a post about Blackberry Shortcut Keys, that was for the Home Screen. I've since compiled a list of shortcut keys for the Blackberry Browser version 4.2. I basically tried hitting every key on the keyboard until I came up with the below list. Then I realized I could have used the Help system, and I took a peek at that. It contained most of the below as well, but not all.

I use the Blackberry Browser quite often, and having these shortcut keys handy makes it so much easier to navigate. My most often used shortcuts are G, R, T, B, space, Enter, I, L, P, X, J, and Escape. Yeah, I use a lot of shortcuts. I only recently discovered the X key, and it is very helpful!
  1. A - add bookmark
  2. B - bottom of page
  3. C - connection Information
  4. D - Switch to BB home screen (hide browser)
  5. R - reload page
  6. T - top of page
  7. Space - next page
  8. Shift+Space - previous page
  9. F, V - Search for "text"
  10. G - goto new url
  11. H - Homepage
  12. Enter - follow link
  13. I - Browser History
  14. K - bookmarks
  15. L - show link address
  16. O - Options menu
  17. P - Get current web Page address
  18. S - Save to message list (mailbox message)
  19. Del - Back one web page
  20. U - toggles title bar
  21. X - opens a full page overview of your webpage
  22. Hold Escape 2 seconds - Close Browser
  23. Escape - Stop loading webpage
  24. J - jumps to new section of webpage
What Browser shortcut keys do you use? Check out my other posts about Blackberry tips.


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