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My Recent Metrocard Troubles

I've had to send in a two MetroCards to the MTA recently.  Neither one could be addressed by the online eFix system.

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The first issue I had was with an unlimited MetroCard, it stopped reading and the booth clerks told me I have to mail it in.  It had about a week left on it.  After several MONTHS of waiting after mailing it, I received a refund in the original form of payment - credit to my credit card.

A few days ago, I found an expired MetroCard in my drawer, along with some old credit cards.  This was my own fault for not going through my things regularly.  This card was expired for "over a year" as 2 clerks I asked told me.  I was hoping I could just get the card changed at the booth.

So now, I have mailed in another card and I'm waiting to get my credit.  I'm hoping they will send a replacement, since they now charge $1 for each new card we purchase.  Though if you buy it from a third party authorized vendor, such as your local grocery store - you don't get charged the fee.

If you use MetroCard vending machines like I do.  This calculator may help you figure out how to get all the rides out of leftover MetroCard change.  The metrocard bonus calculator.

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