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Fancy A New Template

It's been some time since we've switched from the Default blogger templates. FrugalNYC has had two default Blogger templates before settling on the current template. We still love the current template, but may make a change. Change is work, and right now we would rather stick with getting more good content out!

For anyone using a Blogger account and would like to try a new template, the Blogger Buzz blog has a great post with a list of sites that provide templates to Spruce Up Your Blog. For the SEO aware, you may have noticed I've been linking to sites with better Keywords. It helps promote the sites I link to and I hope you will do the same for sites you find worthwhile linking to. If you want to find out what SEO tips I've picked up, you may want to check out our Computer Consulting blog at blog.pixelperfectgroup.com. If you need Computer support or are just starting out your business, please contact us at Pixel Perfect Group for Computer Help.

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