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Check Tracfone Voicemail From Your Landline


If you want to check your Tracfone voicemail, but don't want to use up your precious minutes, there is an easy way to do it. Doing this will keep your tracfone minutes in use longer.

Make sure you have set up your voicemail password. You can do this by using the following instructions:

To Change Voice Mail Password
  • From your wireless phone
  • Press and hold the "1" key.
  • Press the number "4" to access the personal Options menu.
  • Press the number "2" to access the Administrative Options menu.
  • Press the number "1" to access the Password Options menu.
  • Press the number "1" to change your password.
  • Enter your new password (4 digits) and press the "#" key which is under the number 9.
Once you have setup your voicemail password, check to see what your Tracfone dials to pick up voicemail. Dial that number to get to your voicemail system. Put in your phone number and then password, after the appropriate prompts.

If you can't get this working, check this link on Tracfone's site for possible alternate instructions for your own phone model. You will need your phone's serial number to get the appropriate instructions.

If you own a Tracfone, I hope this has been a helpful post.

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