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Recently, Craig, a regular reader of FrugalNYC alerted me to changes to his company's website Budgetpulse.

The website is geared to help those who want to better manage their own finances. Now is the best time for such a site, as the global economy is in the worst financial climate since the great depression.

One thing I like about this site is that it does not require you to enter private information, like Mint does. Those of you who are security conscious will like this feature as well. Yes it does mean a bit more work upfront, since you cannot sync your banking accounts with the site, but I see this as a benefit - securit wise. With all the scams going on in the financial world, its good to know you don't need to worry about it here.

Below is the press release regarding the revamped site.

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New and Improved Website Takes the Mystery out of Personal Finance Management and Helps Customers Get out of Debt.

A revamped BudgetPulse.com offers everyone from students to retirees a simple and secure way to build a personal budget and eliminate debt.

Washington, DC / Amid the worst financial climate since the Great Depression, a revamped website is giving average consumers access to the same financial management tools as wealth professionals. BudgetPulse.com is a free website offering customers the ability to track their finances and payment obligations and ultimately eliminate debt while maintaining an industry-leading level of security that effectively eliminates the threat of identity theft, the company says.

We understand this economic climate has made people even more careful about hanging on to whatever money they have left,” says Craig Kessler, marketing director for BudgetPulse.com.Unlike other financial services, we don’t sync our customers’ information with financial institutions like banks and credit card companies. Our customers have complete control over what information gets stored with us and what gets changed.”

For more than two years, BudgetPulse.com has offered an array of personal finance management tools and services to give its customers an alternative to hiring a financial advisor. The service is designed to empower its customers and enable them to quickly and easily take control of their personal finances.

The personal finance management software is so easy to use, the company says it has seen a growing number of students using the website to learn how to build a personal budget and avoid building personal debt before they even enter the “real world.” These same students say they have used the website’s budget tool in their finance classes to help them learn the fundamentals of personal finance management as well as how to eliminate debt.

The website allows customers to set savings goals, build ideal budgets, and track multiple accounts including credit cards, mortgages and other assets and liabilities. Because the service is entirely web-based, customers are able to access and manage their finances anywhere in the world and at any time.

The service’s ease of use is actually how the company got off the ground,” says Kessler. “CEO Raj Jeyaprakash created the application to help with his own budgeting problems. He didn’t want to have to sync his sensitive information with banks and he wanted to be able to upload his financial statements in minutes. It helped him so much he gave it to his family and friends and things just took off from there.”

The website’s manual input feature is also perfect for people with international banking ties whereas other financial management programs aren’t normally compatible with overseas banks.

This press release was written by PRNewsChannel.com

I think the site looks great and looks very inviting. If you have used budgetpulse, I would love to hear your experience with this service.

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Daina said...

I have been a fan of budgetpulse since 07. They recently redesigned and destroyed it in my opinion. I used to love the fact that i could visually see where all my money went quickly and easily. My favourite two features, they have obliterated in the new version.

I used to be able to see several months lined up next to each other with rows of all my categories and how much i spent or earned in each one. clicking on a tree type navigation expanded all my sub categories (the names of places that money went)

They also destroyed the charts section. you used to instantly be able to see three types of charts at once pie and bar were the ones i used. AND you used to be able to see several months open at once. you could quicly click thru "yearly" "this month" "quarterly". It was fast, simple. Now it's a series of drop downs and confusing tweaking just to see your graph/chart...and you can't see several months next to each other.

I commend them for wanting to improve and redesign. but i wish the new features could of been added to the old ui/functionality. I'm completely distraught as I really depended on this tool and now I'm obsessed with finding a new one that does what their old one did!

I'm also upset that they seem to honor the opinion of those that seem fairly new to the web app. Apparently my opinion doesn't matter...a user of theirs since 2007!

FrugalNYC said...

Thanks Daina for your account and opinion of Budget pulse. I'll let them know about your experience.

Hope you find FrugalNYC a helpful blog!

Mike M said...

Another really good debt tracking and budgeting website is www.debtspark.com.

Unlike most online sites debtspark does NOT require you to enter your financial login information or passwords so there is no security risk!

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the info. Looks like a good resource.

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