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Reading And Eating


Summer means children are out of school. Kids love it, parents - not so much. The summer means parents need to keep their children busy with activities. It also means that many working families have to spend a little bit more money feeding their kids. Luckily NYC has helpful resources for both Reading and Feeding.

The Summer Reading program is a welcome resources for educators, parents and to those who just love to read. The website is one resource to suggest book lists and other related helpful information, but I feel that children of all ages and adults should head to their local Library and take part in it socially as well. Many of the libraries hold special events related to the program. My daughter signed up for the summer reading program and even received a little toy from the librarian ;) To find out more, head to your local library or check out their website.

Many of you may already know about NYC's summer food program, sponsored by the NYC Department of Education. The program essentially gives children access to free breakfast and lunch from June 29, 2009 through August 28, 2009 this year. To find out where your the closest school site that offers this program, you can call 311 or click on this link.

Be a good parent and feed your children's body and mind this summer! These resources are free. I you have found this information helpful, please share this information with anyone who you think will benefit.

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