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Credit Card Comparisons - Request Credit


Recently I came upon the website Request Credit. I took a quick look and found some helpful information on the site. If you want to earn some extra credit card rewards, this site has a comparison chart that may help you find your credit card. It's not a comprehensive site that compares every card available, but it does a good job. Sometimes less is more. I like the fact that the front page compared several different cards and listed why the cards were good.

After my initial impression, I dug into the site a little more. I noticed the different categories on the left hand and went through several of those links. They list items like Credit Cards by Reward. If you are looking for specific rewards such as Cash Back cards, you might find a good one here. I never knew Discover Card had so many different types of cards and rewards. I have a Discover Card myself and the 5% cash back categories can add up pretty fast if you use them correctly.

Checking out the Cards by Spending Habits links brought me to categories for Students, Business or Personal cards. A helpful category for many would be the Deals by Credit Rating. If you have a limited credit history, this could be helpful. If you have an excellent credit history, I saw a card with a very low APR 11.9%, compared to the current 30% and above, this is great rate.

Overall, I found the site to be helpful for those looking for another credit card. I think students starting out their own credit might find this helpful as well as I mentioned above.

Have you used Request Credit to help you find a credit card? Have you used another similar site? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments this or another similar site.

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J and D said...

Thank you! I was wanting to get a credit card with reward points but wasn't sure which one to pick. I will be checking out this website!

FrugalNYC said...

Hi J and D,

I'm glad you found this helpful. Hope you can share your experience with us.

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