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5 Household Dust Busters


Its Spring! Time to get a new start and do some cleaning around the house. After, or during, your decluttering, you'll probably find a layer or two of dust. If you hate clutter and dust, here are five common things you may have around the house that are a great help for helping to get rid of that dust problem.


Socks are both convenient and easy to use. Just slip one over your hand and wipe over any surface you can get your hands on. Dust will melt before your eyes.

Fabric softener sheets

I've mentioned in an earlier post that softener sheets can be used mutiple times. After that I usually put them to use picking up dust on TVs, computer screens and any dusty surface I can find.

Coffe filters

I don't drink coffee, but coffee filters can come in very handy for cleaning mirrors and windows and getting that lint-free shine!


I don't know about you, but I tend to put toothbrushes to all kinds of use after their day jobs are over. You can use old toothbrushes to tackle hard to reach crevices and small behind the scene areas that other things cannot reach.

Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are ideal for narrow spots such as in the corners of rooms and in the crevices of furniture. It is powerful enough to blow out most dust bunnies and a great complement to that handheld vacuum.

Do you have any additional tips to share with us about dust busting? It's time for Spring Cleaning, so get those ideas together and get organizing.

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The Redhead said...

I love the sock and hair dryer tips! I don't have any tips for removing dust, but I will say to check your electronics. Our desktop computer and TV are magnets for dust and cat hair, and if that builds up it can affect how they run (especially the little fan in computer towers that keeps the machine cool). We even keep the plastic packaging over our printer when we're not using it to keep the cat hair away from it.

FrugalNYC said...

@The Redhead,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Glad you like the tips with the sock and hair dryer. Electronics are a definite dust magnet. Like you, I recommend regular cleaning of pcs and electronics. Computers should be cleaned from the inside at least once a year, preferably two or three times depending on your environment. Keeping things clean can do wonders to keep them running properly.

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