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Holiday Stress For Kids

This was a tip I received from my Centrum mailing list. I thought it was a nice short tip for those with kids. The upcoming holidays may be hard on many families due to the current economic situations. Sit tight and do your best, things will work out for you. Here's the tip.

Holiday Stress for the kids.

With all the excitement and anticipation, kids can stress out over the holidays, too. But you can help them cope if you stick to normal routines as much as possible (that includes regular mealtimes) and remember to share lots and lots of hugs and laughs.

Who's that at the dinner table?

Holiday feasts can mean stress for kids if they have to meet lots of new people. To help them feel more relaxed, show them pictures of or tell them stories about any unfamiliar guests. Then when they do meet Aunt Alice or cousin Fred, the kids will feel more comfortable.

Thanks for visiting regularly. If you have other tips to reduce stress for kids or the kids at heart, let us know in the comments.


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