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Blackberry Shortcuts - Messages

These are the shortcut keys for the Blackberry messages application.

This list is for when you are in the mailbox (not viewing a single message).
T - top of messages, newest mail
U - oldest Unread mail, next oldest unread, etc..
B - Bottom messages list
C - compose a message
V - View Saved messages folder
S - Search emails
P - jump to Previous day
N - jump to Next day
L - reply to all
K - jump to next message on the thread
J - jump to previous message in thread
I - File selected message
H - Toggle hide/unhide filed messages
F - Forward current message
E - Error delivery list
Del - Delete selected message
Enter - view selected message
Alt+I - View received messages
Alt+U - Mark read/unread
Alt+O - view sent (Outgoing) messages
Alt+V - view voice messages
Alt+S - view SMS text messages
Alt+P - view Phone logs

While viewing a single message

If you run into a problem where some of the Alt shortcut keys are not working, you can see this link from Network World or Blackberry Forums for some help. It turns out that the Alt shortcut keys are actually pre-saved searches.

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