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One of my new favorite sites for music and videos is imeem. I've found just about everything I threw at it, such as Peter White, Zhang Yi Lin, Jacky Cheung, Savage Garden or Kelly Clarkson . This has been the only social music community I've seen that makes it easy to find, listen and watch, music and videos for international artists. The site is a bit like LastFM or Pandora Radio from my last post Mandarin Radio. My only peeve so far is I can't get embedded videos from it like I can from YouTube.

Here are some songs I have found and liked from imeem:
A song by Elva Hsiao
Bu Pa Bu Pa remix

I tried to find a song call Timeless by Zhang Yi Lin, but the quality is not as good as YouTube. Here is a Timeless video from Zhang Yi Lin (from YouTube).

Have you tried imeem? Are you a member? How's your experience with the site? Do you know of any other such sites?


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