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Scheduling Posts

This is both for my own record and for those of you out there using blogger accounts. This is a quick post about scheduling your posts so you can post regularly. Those of you who already know how to schedule posts with blogger, go ahead and skip this post. If you are compelled
to read my writing, please continue reading. ;)

Lets get right to the point, then I'll go into a little detail of why this was helpful to me.

When you compose a post on blogger, using the WYSIWYG method, there is an option to date your post before you hit the post button. You can change it to any future date and time you want. It is located to the bottom left corner of your post contents box. See the picture on the left for the location of the option. That's it, just change the date and time, pretty simple right?

I usually write my posts ahead of time, since I don't want too many posts up all at once scheduling is the way to go. Scheduling them means you, the readers, can get new posts from me everyday. I do not need to be at my computer when a post needs to be published. This is good for all future dated posts.

If you change the date and time for an existing post from your archives, it will go to the top of your posts until that future date is reached. This is a good way to bring older posts to your blog's
front page if you want to bring something relevant up again, or if you have updated an older but useful post. I've tested this with my Inbox Zero post here.

Happy blogging. Hope this post has been helpful to you. Do you have any other blogger posting tips to offer?


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