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Seven Linux Distros

I've mentioned that I have some interest in Linux. So I thought I would mention a few of my favorite distributions and why I like them. I recently discovered a distribution called NimbleX, its one of the smaller distributions and has some OS eye Candy built right in using Compiz. You can find a review of it here. I lean mostly toward LiveCDs that give you an easy way to install the OS, once you've tried it.

So here is the list:
  1. DSL - Great for older hardware, including 486 pcs, yes those are still around in some corners of the US. The whole OS distribution fits in at under 50 MB. That's less than most standalone Microsoft applications. This is loaded with very light applications. This can run from CD, USB or HardDisk.
  2. Puppy Linux - Great for older hardware as well, based on Slackware from what I've read. I think it might be more familiar to the MS Windows audience, and DSL has actually been using JWM for the last several releases. I use this on an old P3 pc at home to watch Videos and DVDs. This can run from CD, USB or HardDisk.
  3. Vector Linux - Nice lightweight OS, with some eye-candy for those that like it. Has several Windows Managers built-in.
  4. Linux Mint - Based on Ubuntu and has built-in multimedia codecs. So right out of the box (or ISO) install, you can watch DVDs without any fuss. I currently use this on one of my older machines.
  5. Ubuntu - The most popular Linux distribution for the general population masses to date. Dell even installs this on some of their machines. The newest release 8.1 will be out on 10/30
  6. gOS - A bit of a Mac OS X clone, especially the 3.0 gadgets release. Also based on Ubuntu if I'm not mistaken.
  7. SliTaz - Probably the smallest fully workable distribution I've found to date. It is a "micro" distribution and has a good number of applications built-in. You can find some basic instructions on how to use this distro here.

You can find these and other Linux Distributions at Distrowatch. Have you tried Linux? What distribution do you like and why?


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