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Shortcut for iTunes Radio

Many of you probably already know this, but I didn't know how to create a shortcut to a radio station on iTunes until today. As I mentioned in my Mandarin Radio post, I like to listen to internet radio from time to time . I pointed out how to get to the radio station on iTunes and have done it that way for some time now.

Today, I wondered if there was a shortcut. I could save a few clicks everytime I use it. I right clicked on the Radio Station and the only thing that popped up was the Copy command. This only copies the title of the station. Then I remembered the Playlists feature. I created a new Playlist called Mandarin and dragged the Mandarin Radio icon to the playlist. Of course you can add radio stations of your choice to this playlist.

Now I can save a few clicks when I want to hear Mandarin Radio. Was this helpful to you? Did you already know about creating Playlists with radio stations? Do you use iTunes?


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