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Belvedere Castle


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This is a first in a series of posts about places to visit in Central Park. Many of you may have visited Central Park before, but I bet you do not know all the different features and venues that Central Park offers. So here is the start of My Series on Central Park.

Belvedere Castle is located on top of the second highest natural elevation in central
park, Vista Rock. The highest natural elevation being Summit Rock at 83rd street overlooking Central Park West. Belvedere castle is a great spot to view fall foliage at
Central Park, and I'll be heading there for a visit within the next week.

Belvedere Castle overlooks Turtle Pond, the Great Lawn and Delacorte Theatre. This makes it a very busy area during the summer time. You can watch wild life, both aquatic (turtles, fish among others) and aerial (birds, dragonflies, butterflies and others), in the area. During the summer, you can catch a play at Delacorte theatre - FREE! This is also the spot where meteorological readings are done in Central Park. Now you know where the temperature comes from when you watch the local news' weather report.

To get to Belvedere Castle, located at 79st and the middle of the park, take the park entrance at 79th street and 5th avenue.

Have you visited Belvedere Castle? Did you enjoy the view? If you have never been to this Central Park venue, why not make a visit today? I would appreciate your thoughts on this post and how you have enjoyed the venue.


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