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Wrinkle free dress shirts

If you would like to do less ironing, I recommend purchasing "Stafford" brand shirts from JC Penney. You just need to wash them with like colors in the washer and hang them as soon as they come out of the dryer. They stay wrinkle free because of the material its made from, you may never iron another shirt again!

The usual price is around $25 to $30 which is pretty cheap for quality shirts. I usually try to purchase them when there is a sale, which happens fairly often. I continue to buy these because they save me time and money.

Will you give these shirts a try? Do you know of any other brand of Iron Free dress shirts? If you do, please share in the comments. Do you have laundry tips that help to keep ironing to a minimum? Let us know in the comments.


Peter Chen ;-) said...

To minimize ironing, I suggest hanging your shirt in the bathroom while you're showering. The hot steam from your shower will take out the wrinkles, or make it easier for you to iron. And of course, spending a little more money on a better, heavier iron (Rowenta) will cut the time spent on ironing in half.

FrugalNYC - Qi Liu said...

Thanks for the tips Peter. Appreciate you stopping by!

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