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Gas Prices

The current "Big Issue" is gas prices. Everyone talks about it and its affecting the price of everything from bread and milk to the cars we purchase.

I haven't bought any "Big Ticket" items recently, but I have found that more and more people are shopping at 99cent or Dollar stores. Just recently I found an AC filter there, which would cost several dollars elsewhere. Changing or at least cleaning your AC filter regularly will keep your AC unit functioning properly and efficiently - saving you more money. You can read some tid-bits about that here. I'm not affiliated with them, I just found the link via google.

You can buy a 12 pack disposable at Home Depot for about $24, but once you use it, the junk goes into a landfill. I prefer to have a smaller foot print on the environment, and the one I bought can be reused.

Has gas prices affected your spending habits?


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