Quick Tips!

Visiting NYC Zoos

If you are a NYC metropolitan resident and have kids or just like to visit the zoo, I have a great way to save some money. Join the Wildlife Conservation Society and you can pay one price to visit any of the four NYC zoos all year long, plus you get a WCS T-shirt free along with a magazine subscription.

Say you have a family of 4 visiting the Bronx Zoo two times a year, that amount in admission costs would equal the family membership costs. There is more, you get coupons for parking and for the rides at the zoo. In your spare time, you can visit the smaller zoos such as the Central Park zoo, Prospect Park Zoo or the Queens Zoo.

If you are like me and happen to be in the Central Park area quite often, you can use a clean bathroom at the zoo. The one at the zoo is a lot better kept than the public one. Its another great benefit to you, for helping the WCS. I know this post may sound like a commercial, but I am a believer in saving our natural resources and leaving a small foot print in the way we live. Saving or at least helping the animals we share the planet with in any way makes me feel a little better as well.

Do you have any tips for saving money for Children's activities? Are you a member of the WCS? Why did you join? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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