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Getting Around NYC Better With Bus Time

The MTA has made many recent improvements and one of the best in my opinion are the Alerts and Timers in Train stations.  Not all stations have them yet, but I am always glad to see the clocks in stations that have them.  It lets me know how much longer I need to wait and my anxiety level goes down.  Just knowing this fact makes my commute easier.  If you are taking a bus route in NYC, you now have Bus Time to help keep you posted to when your next bus will come.

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I've only started using the mobile Bus Time site for a few months, and these few months have been much more convenient than prior to having this.  I can now see how many buses are on their way and how many stops away they are.  Even if I have to wait another 20 minutes, just knowing the fact that one is on the way helps.  You can even run to the nearest grocery store and grab a drink or snack while waiting without worrying about the bus leaving without you.

To use Bus Time, just type http://bustime.mta.info/ into your smartphone and you're all set.  Choose the Route you are taking and you get a map of all the stops along with where the bus is.  If you are one of the few who don't have a smartphone or don't have a data plan, you can even send a text to 511123 and you'll end up with a quick list of your bus and how far away they are.

You can get detailed instructions for texting Bus Time here.  I've tried it and it works well.  Not as much detail as the full site, but enough information to get you through the wait.  If you're not from NYC, and are here for a visit, get to know this system if you plan on using mass transit.  It will make your travels easier.

Have you used Bus Time?  Do you find it has improved your commute to an extent?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Millennial Moola said...

I just prefer using the subway. Much easier for a non-local to understand and take in my opinion thanks to the ticket machines

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