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Entertainment Book Digital Access Review

Hi everyone, I'm doing a quick review of the Entertainment Book Digital Access.  Before I go on, Entertainment.com provided me free digital access in exchange for this review.  All opinions on this post are my own.

For those who have never seen or used the Entertainment Book - It's basically an archive of coupons relevant for the city you purchased it for.  I'm reviewing the greater New York area book in Digital Access form.  I've read several other online reviews and most people who have reviewed the digital access did not mention too many specific deals that they used.  Personally, I've found numerous deals listed near me but none that applied to my shopping, eating or entertainment habits so far.  I'll update this post when I do.

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On to the specifics.  I tried the app on an iPhone and it found coupons near me based on my location.  You can also browse to different locations in preparation for your travels.  Some coupons are digital and others must be printed.  I suggest taking a look and print any relevant coupons ahead of time.

In general, you'll find some deals, if you happen to be purchasing certain specific items - just like most paper coupons.  It is, in extension, a digital version of the book.  I think the book version may be easier to browse and find relevant items in preparation of your daily shopping journey.  The digital access can get you specific deals near you.

As of this blog post, I don't find the digital access all that helpful.  You won't find too many local restaurants listed. I've mostly found McDonalds, Burger King, and specific sandwiches at Subway chains to be somewhat helpful.  These are for specific sandwiches or drinks, so it will only be relevant if you buy those items.  I tried the app in midtown Manhattan, lower Manhattan and several parts of Queens.

If you are like using coupons and looking for deals, this app will be a helpful addition to your other coupons and deal hunting habits.  I would recommend getting both the paper and Digital Access versions for best results.  You can get both for $35 on their site Entertainment.com

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