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8 Creative Uses For Your Mobile Device

Whether you have an iPhone, Blackberry or just a simple cell phone, you are probably not using your mobile gadget to its full potential. Instead of getting the latest and greatest gadget that everyone is getting, like the iPad, why not figure out new creative uses for your current tech toy? You'll save hundreds of dollars that can be put to better use, like a suit for your next interview!

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Here are 8 uses for your mobile device:
  1. Counter - Have you ever had to count a large number of things, but got interrupted and lost count?  Well that will no longer be a problem if you have a calculator function in your phone or PDA device.  Just start the calculator, press 1 plus 1 and then keep hitting the "=" button (whatever button that may be on your device) for every additional count.  Instant bean counter!
  2. Tip Calculator - One of my cell phones contain a tip calculator.  Even if your's does not, as long as the calculator function is there, it's easy to calculate a tip.  Just type in the amount and then multiply it by "1.xx" where xx is the percent tip you want to leave.
  3. Watch - I hardly ever use my watch since I always have my Blackberry and phone with me.  How many of you actually have a watch that you use to tell time?  I bet most of you use your watch more as an accessory than a watch.
  4. Alarm clock - Since most people have a cell phone, you no longer need another alarm clock.  Just download your favorite tune to wake up to and you have a customizable alarm clock.
  5. Flash light - I use my blackberry for a night light / flash light.  Since it's usually near me, it's easier to find than a regular flashlight which sits in a drawer that never gets put to use.
  6. Password generator and manager - My blackberry has an application that stores passwords and generates secure random passwords.  All I ever need is to memorize one password to get into the application and I'll never have to remember hundreds of passwords again!  Your iPhone or Droid probably have similar applications, use it!
  7. Draft your next book - no worrying about fonts and typefaces, just type away and you'll soon have your next best seller!
  8. Emergency Phone - old phones can be recycled. If you have an old phone with good battery life, but no longer under contract, you can still use it as an emergency phone. Calling 911 does not require service. I keep one around just in case.
I know some of these are not very creative, but I bet you never thought about using your phones / handhelds for some of the creative uses mentioned above.  You probably have creative uses of your own.  Please share your ideas in the comments!

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Jake said...

thanks for the post, as much as we pay for these things nowadays, they should be able to sort and fold my clothes.

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Jake,

That's so true. I saw an article that compared cell phone bills to mortgages!

thanks for visiting and for the comment.

Parag said...

I probably use 4 out of 8 functions in my Nokia device. I too like iPad and other modern devices but does suit my budget. But I am not worried as I have a good nokia device that supports great music systems and other applications like opera mini for web browsing.
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