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Nothing is certain but death and taxes.  We can't avoid either one, but we can make filing our taxes less taxing on the wallet.  H&R Block is promoting their new H&R Block At Home online product for only $14, from now until Sunday February 14.  They are showing us all some love.

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I've noticed a number of giveaways for online versions of tax software on numerous personal finance blogs.  If you are like me and missed those giveaways, you can wait for others, or you can take advantage of this offer from H&R Block.  I'm definitely thinking about taking the offer, since it is a 70% savings off regular pricing on the Premium product.

I've used the H&R PC products for numerous years and have found it to be a solid product.  PC magazine rates H&R Block a close second to Turbo Tax, which has always taken the lead.  The advantage of H&R Block is, it is a bit less pricy than Turbo Tax, and I find it just as good.

You can register for the $14 offer from now until Valentines day, February 14th.  Doing so will lock-in the price and you won't have to actually DO your taxes until you are ready; as long as it's before the tax man comes knocking.  Hopefully you'll be getting your refund check sooner with this offer.  You can even get your tax questions answered free at http://getitright.hrblock.com/.

You can register for this special offer at http://www.hrblock.com/valentine.

As consumers, we will receive the full menu of advanced features that H&R Block At Home Basic, Deluxe and Premium offer, such as:
  • Audit support from a live tax professional
  • Import last year's tax data from TurboTax® or TaxCut®
  • Automatic import of data from your employer and financial provider
  • Tailored guidance for your personal situation or occupation
  • Easy-to-use tax calculator
What do you think about this offer?  Do you do your own taxes with Tax software?  What product do you use and why?  Share your thoughts.

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