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12 Frugal Ways To Burglarproof Your Home


Technology is not the the only way to protect yourself from burglars and would be thieves.  Sure you can spend thousands of dollars on a security system, but you can have peace of mind for less.  Jeff Cambron wrote a post about ways to burglar proof your home without breaking the bank at mrfreestuff.com called 16 Ways to Burglarproof your house for Free.  I took his list and cut out a few items, making it more relevant for urban city dwellers.

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12 Frugal Ways To Burglarproof Your Home
  1. Take your name off your mailbox - No name equals no target.
  2. Watch what you put in the trash - Shred important documents and cut up boxes to big purchase items like computers and big screen TVs
  3. Ringing telephone - A ringing phone equals nobody home.  Silence your home phone when you are not home for long periods.
  4. Lock-up when you go out - Common sense, lockup when you are out.
  5. Don’t hide a spare key - Don't invite a thief by leaving your door fully open, which is what a hidden spare key is.
  6. Light up your house - Leave a light or two on when going out.  Not energy efficient, but is a theft deterrant.
  7. Be careful with voice mail messages - Don't tell would be thieves when you are on vacation.  Leave your voicemail simple, ask for a quick message - and check in.
  8. Leave the radio or TV on - Leave a low power radio or tv on for sounds that make it seem like someone is home.
  9. Use a house-sitter - Having someone actually in the house is the best way to deter a burglar.
  10. Start a neighborhood watch program - Get a group friendly neighbors together and help each other out.
  11. Pause mail and newspaper deliveries - A full mailbox or unread papers are a sure sign no one is home.
  12. Stock up on some cardboard cutouts - If you've watched Home Alone, you know how to use cardboard cutouts.

What other frugal and cheap methods do you have to burglarproof your home?  Share your ideas in the comments.

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