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FrugalNYC's ZulaWorld Giveaway!


Welcome back to another FrugalNYC Giveaway!

The Number Generator has spoken, the winners announced in the last comment of this post

This one is for the kids, literally!  Well you adults can enjoy it too if you like spending some time with the kids.  If you have young children or have close relatives with young children, you likely have seen The Zula Patrol on TV.  It is an educational show and I've watched several episodes with my little ones.

ZulaWorld.com, is the new, out of this world, virtual destination being launched into orbit by the same masterminds who bring you The Zula Patrol hit TV series.  Developed in conjunction with IBM, at ZulaWorld.com, kids ages 5 and older, along with their parents and caregivers can enjoy interacting with other like-minded earthlings online in this new virtual world just for them!  In Zula’s unique universe, kids can create their own avatar, fly their own spaceship, and discover for themselves that when it comes to science, exploring is never boring.

The Prize

A copy of the latest The Zula Patrol DVD AND a one month VIP Membership to ZulaWorld.com

The Rules

The Rules are simple, just leave a comment on this post and tell us:

  • How long you have been reading FrugalNYC and how it's helped you.
  • Have you heard of The Zula Patrol before reading this post.

You can earn extra entries by tweeting about this post and putting a #frugalnyc hashtag on the tweet.  Each day you tweet, will give you an extra entry.

Make sure you send an email to FrugalNYC so we can contact you when you win.

There will be 3 winners!  Tell your friends and children's friends, they can all enter and win!

The winners will be chosen by random.org once again, and it will be announced on Friday Oct 2, 2009 here on FrugalNYC blog and via Twitter.

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Jennifer said...

I just found about FrugalNYC just now because of Zula Patrol and I can't wait to check out the rest of your website! My kids have been watching Zula Patrol for years. They learn so much and the don't even notice because it is so fun!

Josh said...

I have been following FrugalNYC for a few months now. There have already been many great tips, deals, and givaways! Keep up the great work! I have never heard of Zula Patrol before this giveaway, but it definitely sounds like something my 5-year will love. Will definitely check it out! Thanks FrugalNYC!

avonbymelynda said...

I just heard of frugal and zula but I think My autistic son would love it. Buy AVON onlin from my website



Rab said...

Well! FrugalNYC is getting quite clever in keeping us readers coming back to their Blogger website. I like this one promotion about Zula Patrol, frankly because I never herad of the show. I have a 6-year old daughter who swears by Club Penguin. She's the perfect test subject! I'm an avid reader + tip contributor to FrugalNYC. I love to get my tips and post links via your Twitter account. If it was your purpose to reach a new audience for this animation; then your campaign has been EFFECTIVe! Well done! Sincerely ... RabsWorld

FrugalNYC said...

The winners of the DVDs and Memberships to Zula World are in Bold.

1. Jennifer 9/25/09 comment - Winner of first draw
2. Josh 9/29/09 comment
3. Josh 9/29/09 tweet - Winner of second draw
4. avonbymelynda 10/2/09 comment
5. Rab 10/2/09 comment
6. Rabsworld 10/2/09 tweet - Winner of third draw

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