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The Boys Are Back - Movie Review


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I enjoy movies, and I usually want to get lost in the story. Entertainment is supposed to help us enjoy the moment, and I did enjoy "The Boys Are Back".

The Boys Are Back depicts the life of a father, Joe Warr (a sports writer), who doesn't spend much time with his son. He saunters from an occasional dad who shows up from time to time, with gifts for his son, to suddenly thrust into single parenthood. As the film progresses, you find out that he did the same thing in his first marriage.

As a single father, Joe learns that parenthood is harder than anything he's faced before. He stumbles often and deals with criticism from certain "moms" about how he is raising his two sons. He establishes certain ground rules and sticks by them. The whole family ends up learning trust and encouragement from each other.

The Boys Are Back is a moving tale of a single parent who rides an emotional roller coaster, and at times breaks down. The family goes through many ups and downs while learning to live life as a family without a female figure in the family. Towards the end of the movie everything starts falling apart, but with determination Joe Warr puts the pieces back together.

The Boys Are Back stars Clive Owen, whom I've only seen in action films such as Shoot 'Em Up, Sin City and King Arthur. This is definitely a change for Clive Owen and I think he did a great job playing the role of Joe Warr. The film is based on a novel by Simon Carr, which is based on a true story.

Artie his young son, played by Nicholas McAnulty, is by far my favorite in the movie. He does a fine job and is a perfect fit for the role. The older son Harry, played by George MacKay, reminds me of Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley of the Harry Potter movies). I really enjoyed the movie and find the lessons it teaches to be very encouraging.

If you enjoy a story with emotion and real life trials, I think you will enjoy The Boys Are Back. You'll have a few laughs and enjoy some drama. This film will be released (limited) in the US on September 25, 2009.

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