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Getting Around In NYC


There are numerous ways of getting around in NYC. The obvious walking, public transport (bus, subway - via Metrocard) and biking. Then there are taxis, limos, private bus companies, horse carriages, and other touristy ways of getting around. Owning a car is not necessary, but many people in NYC own one anyway. I'm one of them.

Sometimes the modern convenience of having a car is forgotten when you are in NYC. I own a used car, which I've had for many years now. I don't put many miles on it, since I tend to walk and take public transport most of the time.

Why do I even keep the car? It's old, so I can't really sell it for much. It's not old enough to qualify for the recent Cash for Clunkers program. More about that in another post. The main reason I keep this old car, is due to the convenience of having it around in case of family emergencies or trips. It's cheaper to get around in a car if you actually have a full car - which I usually do when driving it about with the family in tow. Once you own a car, it's hard to imagine life without one. It's like having broadband and then going back to dial-up.

I recently had to get some repairs done on my 14 year old car. Thanks to the abundance of potholes in NYC, something came loose, and it was making rude noises while I drove it. Being the frugal guy that I am, I wanted to make sure the repairs were necessary. Fortunately I have been going to a great mechanic for many years now. In fact he helped check out this car when I was buying it used.

Mr. Kim, as I call him, is the owner of Radial Auto. It is a private shop in Woodside, Queens. In fact, if you need an honest, reliable and trustworthy mechanic (and who doesn't) I highly recommend his shop. They are very friendly at the shop and they do the job you ask of them. They don't over charge you for things you don't need. Just tell them the symptoms the best you can, and they will resolve it for you, usually within a day or two.

The only problem with owning an old used car is the cost of repairs. Hopefully I won't have to get too many of them in the near future. If I do, I know I will get the necessary things done by Mr. Kim.

What about you? Do you own a car? Do you have a great mechanic?

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