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I had a little problem with my Pay-per-ride Metrocard on Wednesday morning. I've had these issues before, thankfully it is not often. I usually just pick-up an envelope from a subway station agent, which contains a questionaire. I mail it in, and if they find a problem that occurred on their system matching my card, I will get a refund in the mail in the form of a replacement Metrocard.

Whether you are a local New Yorker or a tourist, I think you will find some of these tips and links helpful. When it comes to Metrocards, you essentially have two choices, a Pay-per-ride Metrocard or an unlimited Metrocard. To learn more about different type of metrocards, you can check this Metrocard 101.

If your Metrocard does not work, has expired or is lost or stolen you can check out this Metrocard Problems link for some answers and hopefully a solution. You can find a good amount of information about the Metrocard on the MTA's NYC Metrocard section of the website. If you ever lose your 30 day metrocard you can call 1-800-METROCARD (1-800-638-7622) to get a refund. You can also call 212-METROCARD (212-638-7622) to get your refund. This refund offer is only valid if you purchased with a Credit Card or Debit Card and from what I've read, you can only get two refunds per calendar year - I guess this helps cut down on fraud.

There is a new offering, you can have an automatically refilled Metrocard using the new EasyPayXpress Metrocard. I'm not sure I would sign up for something like this, but it is convenient for some people. A new fare hike by the New York City MTA went into effect on Sunday March 2, 2008. With the new bonus of 15% for Pay-per-ride Metrocards, it is easy for your Metrocard to have annoying uneven balances when you add funds to your card. You can use this link to Calculate how much you need to add to get a usable balance from this handy calculator.

There are discounts to museums, restaurants and other venues you can get with a Metrocard. You can find more details here. An interesting link I found recently was the SUBWAYblogger site. As you can probably guess, it talks about anything related to the NYC Subway system. SUBWAYblogger also has a twitter account.

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