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Freebie - TaxCut Premium Software Giveaway


It's almost that time of the year again, when we have to file our Federal and State income taxes. To help you deal with your taxes and to save you a pocketful of change, I'm holding a giveaway for H&R Block TaxCut 2008 Premium Federal + e-file. I've used TaxCut software for several years now and it has done a great job for me.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled TaxCut 2008 Deal Of The Day. If you do your own taxes, unless you are a CPA or other tax professional, you will find using this software will make your job much easier - not to mention fewer errors resulting in a possible IRS audit. There will be a total of two copies of H&R Block TaxCut 2008 Premium Federal + e-file to be given away (shipped to you free of charge). I have not done a Saturday post in some time now, but I wanted to give my audience a few extra days to enter!

Rules for the contest

You must be a US Resident to be considered for this contest. Hopefully you're a regular reader of FrugalNYC, if not, then now's the time to start! Tell your friends and family who may want to enter! Write a comment on this post answering the following questions:
  1. What do you like best about FrugalNYC
  2. How long have you been reading FrugalNYC
  3. How often do you visit FrugalNYC
  4. What would you like to see more of on FrugalNYC
  5. Finally - Tell me if you subscribe to FrugalNYC via RSS or Email.
Bloggers will have a second chance to win
  • Write a post answering the above questions with a link to this post mentioning FrugalNYC and what you find helpful from this blog.
  • Post a comment with the URL to your post.
Winners will be chosen randomly using Random.org's number generator, the numbers assigned by your comment position. The first comment gets number 1, second comment is 2, etc... The bloggers list will be assigned similar numbers, first blog link is 1, second blog link is 2, etc...

Winners will be announced via Twitter and on this post's comments on Friday March 6, 2009 at 5PM EST. Any comments posted after this time will not be considered for the Giveaway.

You must provide me a way to contact you, just email me or send me a Twitter DM so I can let you know you have won. If you do not provide contact information, the prize will go the the runner-up.

Good luck on the Giveaway! If you do not want to enter the contest and just want to purchase a copy of H&R Block TaxCut 2008 Premium Federal + State + e-file, you can do so with the Amazon affiliate link below, you will also be helping FrugalNYC if you purchase from this link.

For additional links to frugal tips and tricks follow me on Twitter. If you would like to contribute to FrugalNYC in any way (guest posts, articles, ideas, interesting links, advice, financial assistance, or anything else), feel free to contact me via email. Click here to add FrugalNYC to your RSS reader or Subscribe to FrugalNYC by Email.


ZZBoy said...

I will recommend using DesktopBudget.com to manage personal finances. Its the best offline personal finance manager I have seen so far.

FrugalNYC said...

Thanks for the recommendation ZZBoy.

Looks like my readers don't do their taxes on their own. I'm extending this giveaway until 3/26/09. If anyone is still interested, feel free to leave a comment asking for a copy along with contact info.

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