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Festival of Frugality


I've been included in the latest Festival of Frugality at the Go Frugal blog on Freeshipping.org. The festival includes some of the best tips on being frugal. Blogs which feature articles about Money Matters, Home repair and maintenance, Automotive savings, Vacations, Work, Weddings, Shopping, and other Frugal Goodness (that's where FrugalNYC is featured).

This post is full of great blogs and specific posts, it will keep you reading for days if not weeks. You may even find another great blog that you have not come across until now.

Hope you enjoy the festival and come back to FrugalNYC for more tips on living and enjoying NYC Frugally!

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Economist said...

sory to write to you like this, but i could not find the contact form. I really like your blog and i was wondering if you would maybe like a link exchange with my website www.sayeconomy.com . My site has many good articles and gets over 100.000 different visitors per month. I think we would both benefit out of this exchange alot. We would get higher position in search engines and many new visitors from each others economy sites.

Well let me know on info@sayeconomy.com . I would really like a link exchange with your blog (i like it alot).

Thank you in advance for your reply.


HB said...

Hi, very interesting Blog. nice work!

Watch this blog for funny cartoons on Business, economy and go to market strategies: http://www.gotomarketblog.blogspot.com/

FrugalNYC said...


Thanks for your kinds words about FrugalNYC.
I've sent you and email regarding your above request.

@HB, Thanks for your kind comment. Hope to see you again.

Louise | UPrinting said...

I wasn't aware that there's also a blogsphere for the frugal people.
Well, that's just in time. With the financial crisis only getting worse, a lot of people are getting frugal. And they continually look for tips to save.
Except the celebrities though. They still have a lot of money... :D

FrugalNYC said...


Yeah, there's actually a lot of frugal bloggers these days. True about the celebs LOL.

Thanks for the visit and comment!

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