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Part of frugal living is all about making the most of what you already have. Besides taking photos and videos for the fun of it there are many uses for your digital camera. Here are nine things that you can do with your digital camera that you may or may not have utilized before.

9 Uses For Your Digital Camera

  1. Locate Your Car - Take a photo of where you left your car parked and never worry about finding your car again.
  2. Voice Notes - If you don't have a voice recorder handy and have a thought you need to record, use your camera's movie feature to capture a quick voice note.
  3. Tracking prices - If want to compare prices for items you are shopping for, take a shot of the item and price and then compare them. The photos will have a date and time stamp for your reference.
  4. Keeping Inventory - Take photos of the things you own. It's a great way to keep track and even useful for your insurance policy documentation if needed.
  5. Learn photography - Whether you want to learn photography to find a creative side of yourself or you are doing it just because you enjoy it, learning something new is always great. I've started a photo a day blog at vgaphotos blog and haven't looked back. There is so much to learn in photography and so many directions you can take, it can become a life long pursuit.
  6. Make computer wallpaper - One reason I started taking photos was to make
  7. my own computer wallpaper.
  8. Time Piece - During my recent travels, I did not have a wristwatch handy, but I did usually have my digital camera with me. I just turned it on and it gave me the current date and time I needed.
  9. Flash Light - I don't usually carry a flash light with me. My digital camera's LCD came in very handy when I needed to find the bathroom in the middle of the night during my recent travels.
What additional uses do you have for your digital camera? Do you use your digital camera for any of these uses?

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Bob's Occasional Musings said...

Great post. I use my digital camera mostly for taking pictures of stuff I am selling on ebay, documenting the damage on my car when someone ran into it, and occasionally taking pictures for my blog.

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Bob!

Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you like this post! Cameras are great aren't they? Hope to see you here again!

claudia said...

the old blog was having some problems so I finally decided to move there http://discoverflorence.blogspot.com (just take off a "Y" from the old url!)
please update you kinks and bookmarks!
thanks :-)

FrugalNYC said...

Hi Claudia,

I'll update my link to your blog. Hope you are doing well!

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