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8 Sites To Help You Network

Facebook and Myspace are fine for networking with your friends, consumers and peers. If you want a more focused approach to networking for your business, the below list from Entrepreneur Magazine's March 2009 issue may be more of what you need.

  1. APSense.com - Tap into an affiliate marketing revenue stream by promoting products and sites on your business profile, and get paid for the friends you refer. Sounds like you can network and get paid for it too!
  2. Biznik.com - Join your local business community to connect and collaborate with nearby entrepreneurs, and find out about local seminars and events. Sounds like a good place to start your business networking.
  3. Entrepreneur Connect - Share ideas, join groups, publish content and promote your business on Entrepreneur's own network. A bit of self promoting from the magazine, but I think the magazine and site are great resources on their own for small businesses.
  4. FastPitchNetworking.com - Create a profile, product listing and blog, and take advantage of email marketing and virtual trade shows. Not sure what to make of this description. If you have experience with this one, please let me know.
  5. GoBigNetwork.com - Get serious about fast growth in this startup communityh focused on finding funding, talent and expert trade. Sounds like a good place to be for those more experienced in their entrepreneurship skills.
  6. Konnects.com - Build a network among other startup entrepreneurs and launch your own branded network when you're ready. This sounds like a generic NETWORKING description, what do you think?
  7. Marzar.com - Connect with other business owners while promoting products and services in the marketplace. Another generic sounding description. I'll have to just take a look at this site.
  8. Xing.com - Search this global site for business partners, contacts and professional opportunities. I've heard of this one and it's one of the bigger networking sites. Not sure if a startup one person business can take advantage of this right from the start.

Are you a member of any of the above networking sites? If so what are your thoughts and experiences with these sites?

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