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Free Tax Advice - From H&R Block


There's only 8 days left to file your taxes! Hopefully you already took care of yours. If you have waited this long, and I know some of you do that for one reason or another, H&R Block has some additional help for you all day today (April 7, 2009)!

You can call and speak with a tax pro or customer service rep to get high-level tax advice, for FREE! Just call 1-877-HRBLOCK (1-877-472-5625) or e-mail taxtalk@hrblock.com to connect with a tax expert. I would do so myself, since I did have one or two questions, but I'm currently not in the US and I've already filed my taxes even with those questions I had. I hope those of you who do have tax questions will find this service helpful!

If you've used this service I would love to hear back about your experience.

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