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Conquering Cold Sores

I saw a health article in the newspaper recently talking about cold sores. I was not sure what exactly constitutes a cold sore. If enough people experience these I figure it's worth finding out a little bit more about it and to know how to prevent and deal with it. According to that article, many people have to deal with these painful blisters found on or around the mouth. Here are some ways to fight them off for good. Start treatment as soon as you think you have a cold sore.

Heat or Ice. Warm or cold compresses can relieve pain and swelling. This treatment may also keep a blister from forming at all.

Limit Sun Exposure. Ultraviolet rays can aggravate sores and cause new breakouts. When you are outside, wear sunscreen and use lip balm with an SPF of at least 15.

Keep Clean. Wash the infected area with a clean cloth and hot soapy water twice a day. Make sure you dry it thoroughly after washing. Cleanliness is very important to keep any illness away, so make sure to wash your hands regularly as well.

Keep Moist. Coat your lips regularly with a petroleum-based product such as Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or apply a zinc-based ointment.

You can find additional treatment options for cold sores on WebMD. If you think you have a cold sore, you should see your doctor to get the proper diagnosis and treatment. Have you had cold sores? How do you deal with it?

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